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The Power of Bermuda

Where will we go when the sidewalk ends? I saw someone walking along a sidewalk…. apparently he went.down the wrong way.. Now, it was a fork, so the other sidewalk was only about 10 feet away from him at this point. But instead of cutting through the grass, he turned around… This wasn’t manicured grass. It was really just weeds that had been mowed.  It poses an interesting question though: if we woke up tomorrow and all the sidewalks were missing, what would we do. If all the society-made guides that direct our lives disappeared, could we function? I believe we have given our society so much power, we’ve relinquished our own. Im taking my power back. Grass grows back. Its okay to walk on. What do you think? (no i have never read shel silversteins book).


Just a thought

Man… I love how strange the world is. I mean, the other day at work, an older couple needed to buy some things for their antenna (i work at RadioShack). As i checked them out, the couple was complaining about the price, as we all do in our minds, and one said, “i shouldn’t have gone grocery shopping “, referring to spending money on the RadioShack items. That kinda stopped me in my tracks. Our society is soo focused on filling our minds with useless information and entertainment that we would give up FOOD in order to satisfy our need to watch the latest episode of Two and a Half Men. Now, ill admit that i enjoy watching tv (when the life of a working art  student allows it). Television isn’t a BAD thing, unless it is taking away our focus. If its taking time from work.. Or school.. Or God, its not entertainment- its an addiction. An unhealthy one. What do you think? Am i wrong? Lemme know your thoughts. =)