Rough Beauty

Thanksgiving! I love it, man: the food, the family, the strife (haha). One thing though that one must always remember is that thanksgiving should always be recognized, even if it is not always given. As American’s especially, our view on beauty is pretty one dimensional. Looking at photography and art though, I find things I used to find normal beautiful. A piece of wood. A piece of paper with marker on it. These things are beautiful not for their sterile, manufactured beauty, but for the work that went into them; the rough “mistakes”. My design professor told us to never NOT bring a piece of art in just because we messed up (ink stains, coffee spills, thumbprints). In fact, some of the best work we saw in that class was full of rough beauty. As Whit George says, “the magic behind the magic”. Seeing the process behind things is sometimes as inspiring as the work itself. Watching a “behind-the-scenes” is inspiring, sometimes more so than the actual movie. So if you are ever feeling uninspired, find a how-to video or a behind-the-scenes video. They can do way more for you than just be entertainment (or torture). They give a great look into how the creative geniuses of our time may not be as omniscient as we think they are. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Thank God for the beauty of a pile of clothes or a fallen tree. Adieu.


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