Finally Over

Well… Finals are finally over. Now I’m in Orlando, Florida chilling out, maxing, and relaxing all cool. =) I’ve had an entirely stressful last couple weeks but im totally excited for the next quarter where I can focus more time on the church. We’ve had some pretty big changes the past year and many meetings and surprise changes later, we are still moving. That’s how the church should always be: Move and change, move and change. If there is no change, we build a religion. That is an important aspect to remember in what we do as creatives. Especially in the church. As Christian creatives, our job is not only to make stimulating pieces to our minds, but pieces that impact our minds, but also create an environment where people can worship in. If all we do is create really cool pieces that are fun to look at but distract from the church’s purpose, we may as well be a really trendy art museum (no disrespect to MoMA, you guys rock).

Moral: Change is good. Change is painful. Change is fun.

One thing I’ve been really bugged about lately is how churches are becoming “drive-though ministries”. No, I don’t remember who said that, but many churches today are now getting their messages from the big mega churches and are becoming lazy with their own spiritual journey. Yeah, we all go through days where we don’t read our Bibles, but if we are MINISTERING to people, we HAVE to take the time to do our homework… If the church doesn’t stop being lazy, then we will become even more ineffective than we are now.
Moral: If we love God, let’s prove it instead of relying on someone else to write our sermons.

Anyways… Thought I’d share my drawing and design finals with you guys. Let me know what you think. =)


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